India’s Islamic Traditions, 711-1750

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Subtitle : Themes in Indian History Editor : Richard M. Eaton Language : English ISBN: 019568334-X This is a volume in the Oxford Series, Themes in Indian History. It contains contributions from scholars from around the world. Featuring the precolonial period of Indian history, this book brings to light the rich world of Islam as it was vibrantly […]

The Endangered Species


Subtitle : An Account of the Journey of Faith by the Khoja Ithna-Asheri Community Author : Hassan Ali M. Jaffer Language : English ISBN: 978-177136027-2 True to its title, The Endangered Species attempts to provide answers to some burning questions, while weaving a unique tapestry of personalities, events and ideas that has shaped the KSI […]

Reliving Karbala

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Subtitle : Martyrdom in South Asian Memory Author : Syed Akbar Hyder Language : English ISBN: 978-0-19-537302-8 The story of the great tragedy of Karbala is the centerpoint of the mourning and devotional practices of the Islamic months of Muharram and Safar for Shia Muslims across the globe. The story is recounted of Imam Husain and his companions who […]

The Shia: Identity. Persecution. Horizons.

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Subtitle : Victims of Terrorism and Extremism Author : Riyadh al-Hakeem Language : English ISBN: 9780692390290 This book is a good introduction into a modern Shia perspective for both Muslims and non-Muslims. It is written with the objective of pursuing inter-religious harmony and defeating sectarian agendas. The author discusses the key principles of Shia Islam, provides a history of […]

Where the Two Seas Meet

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Subtitle : The Qur’anic Story of al-Khidr and Moses in Sufi Commentaries as a Model of Spiritual Guidance Author : Hugh Talat Halman Language : English ISBN: 9781891785900 The story of the Prophet Musa (as) and his encounter with the mysterious teacher in the Qur’an is a well-loved story among Muslims about which there has been […]

101 Ways to Concentrate in Prayer


Author : Dr. Ali Al-Hilli Language : English ISBN: 978-1-908110-21-3 This is an excellent book filled with strategies and ideas for those who are seeking to improve their ability to concentrate in Salat. The book begins with some background about why we worship Allah and the benefits of prayer. In the next chapter the author walks […]

The Model of the Gnostics

THE MODEL OF THE GNOSTICS-Uswat Al-Arifeen(biography of Ayatollah Bahjat)

Subtitle : Uswat al-Arifeen (Biography of Ayatollah Bahjat) Author : Mohamed al-Badri  Translator : Yasin T. al-Jibouri  Language : English ISBN: 978-964-219-016-4 This is a biography of Ayatollah Bahjat, one of the known Shia gnostics recent times, who lived in Iran in the 20th Century. It is told that he reached a very high status with Allah during […]

The Life and the Tales of the Prophet Adam


Author : Abdul Sahib Al Hasani Al Amili Language : English ISBN: 9781502521002 This is a short but valuable collection of stories relating to the Shi’ite beliefs about Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and aspects of his life. It is great to see these disparate tales gathered together in one book. Related in the book […]

The Mystery of Numbers


Author : Annemarie Schimmel Language : English ISBN: 978-0-19-508919-6 In this book, Annemarie Schimmel takes a closer look at numbers, and how they have been filled with mystery and meaning from the earliest times across different societies. She looks at the origins of number systems, the spiritual meaning of numbers in various esoteric currents, superstitions […]



Subtitle : Dua’-as from the Holy Qur’an Language : English This little handbook is a gem of a collection of prayers that can be recited during the qunoot of salat or at other times. The book begins with narrations from Imam Ali (as) encouraging people to make supplications to God. It then contains some brief etiquette […]