News: We are pleased to announce the launch of MARC TV which will focus on promoting interfaith and intrafaith actvities. We hope that you will enjoy watching MARC TV, which aims to increase understanding amongst faiths.


One of the aspirations of the Mulla Asghar Library and Islamic Resource Centre is to be a platform for improved relations between peoples of different faiths and a resource to help us better understand one another. The following are a list of some of our ongoing interfaith activities:

  • The display of the Roots of Abraham exhibition, which celebrates the commonalities between the three Abrahamic Religions. You can learn more about this exhibition here. While this exhibition particularly celebrates the commonality of the different faiths, all our exhibitions are open to interested individuals who would like to learn more about what they feature.
  • Hosting interfaith events wherein people of different backgrounds are invited to speak, attend and share food.
  • We often host school groups, including public schools and faith-based schools of varying backgrounds who visit us along with touring other parts of the Jaffari Community Centre.
  • Additionally, our doors are open to visitors of any faith who want to learn more about Islam.

If you would like to join our mailing list to be notified about upcoming interfaith events, or to arrange a group visit to the Mulla Asghar Resource Centre please email us at In the media: